solving the unobtanium 150W power supply dilemma

a few years ago, before the pandemic happened and we couldn’t get any power supplies for awhile, the XT form factor 150W power supplies were discontinued. this presented issues for Konami 4 player/Neo Geo/Dynamo cabinet owners because there was no replacement power supply that could fit in the cabinet holes. I don’t claim credit for inventing this, but I was in a position years ago with The Simpsons at my old job where I needed to update the power supply and couldn’t find new ones anymore. I don’t know have a step by step how-to in pictures, but the finished product is in a picture I took in Texas with gamefixer.

remove the power supply from the cabinet, open it up, and you’ll find the SMPS circuit board inside. now get rid of it. I think gamefixer did this particular one and wired the AC power to run to the new screw terminal power supply off the AC plug part. I know the Konami games tap the isolation transformer into the 3 pin molex plug, but if that’s unused in your game and you possess molex crimping skills, you can tap your AC power here too. the idea is that you’ll still be able to use the on/off switch of the power supply (Dynamo cabinets will have a hole in the side to press the switch) or the external cabinet switch (Konami and Neo Geo games) to turn the whole thing on and off like how it behaved in stock trim.

if you want to get very fancy, since you’re junking the SMPS circuit board anyway, just cut the DC power wires from the board and stick fork terminals on the ends to run to your new screw terminal power supply. then this way you can retain the 9 pin molex plug for the DC voltages off the JAMMA harness.

this is about the only way to keep the factory-ish aesthetic with these power supplies no longer in production. if you’re totally cool with the large gaps in the cabinet you can just drop in a 200W PowerPro/Peter Chou and skip all the arts and crafts like I outlined above. hope this is helpful for someone.

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